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Simple, flexible planning tools for all moms.

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Our Passion

Our passion at Bethink is creating simple, flexible planning tools that can be used together or separately to help you create a balanced, grounded and nurturing space for your family by reducing the daily stress of planning and making more mental space to nurture yourself and feel inspired, balanced, and grounded.


 " We wholeheartedly believe that a nurtured, balanced, and grounded mother makes a nurtured, balanced, and grounded home. "


We as moms already have the world on our shoulders raising the next generation.  Then we gift ourselves the tasks: cooking, cleaning, organizing, party planning, financial planning, working, and maybe having time for relationships with other adults.


You have to be extremely flexible everyday and embrace everchanging routines (or lack thereof).  Your planning tools have to be as flexible as you.  Bethink's goal is to provide the tools that meet you where you are at each day.

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